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2020 Jan 17 - Vladimir Putin Beyond 2024?

One of the shorter articles on Wikipedia, is the page listing Russian Presidents, it's only got 4 entries on it and two of them same guy. At the time of writing, there's the same number of Russian Presidents alive today as there are members of The Beatles.

Vladimir Putin is no Fool On The Hill though and he's very aware that he's running out of constitutional loopholes to keep him in power so he's decided to play the classic autocracy play of convincing people that he should be able to rewrite the constitution because you can trust him to not do anything too sneaky. It's not like he's an ex KGB spymaster or anything... Of course this is to all intents and purposes up there at the political level of erecting gold statues of yourself, redesigning the calendar, thinking that the public will forget about Brexit, or turning up to formal world events in a suit and leopard skin hat combo like that madman in Zaire who killed the Tutsis and spent the country's wealth to get Muhammad Ali to fight a boxing match there rather than do what everyone else does and just phone up the pay-per-view tv company with a credit card to hand.

Russia though is still currently technically a democracy though Putin has worked to the letter of the law rather than the intent. Years ago he spent two 4 year elected terms before he had to stand down, so he got his friend Dmitry Medvedev to be the figurehead for an interim 4 years before he could come back for 2 more consecutive terms although the one thing that Dmitry did was allow the term limits to be changed to 6 years, meaning that Vladimir could come back for 12 more years and so he'll be in office until 2024. That's the year that Highlander II: The Quickening is set in and much like that tv+film franchise, Vladimir wants more and more sequels so we get therefore we reach the question of how his constitutional rewrite will go and he assures us that we can trust him but I'd place more faith in someone electing Michael Barrymore to be a lifeguard. On the other hand, at least he knows at what level of contempt to hold those in Brussels which is more than can be said of most of the leaders the UK has seen over the past 19 years. And he's done more to put Salisbury on the international map than the English tourist board ever did.
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2017 Feb 24 - Corbyn vs Trump

A lot of people in America think that President Trump is some sort of Manchurian candidate, groomed by the KGB to have a buffoon in Washington so that the world turns to Vladimir Putin for relatively sensible world leadership. You’d think it would be easier for Putin to just buy a new shirt+tie and leave the horses alone? If there’s a grain of truth in it I certainly hope it’s not a grain of Polonium 210, that’s how they do things over there…

Contrast that to the UK where some people ......