2022 Mar 20 - Ukraine Week 4

Boat operator P&O have sacked 800 members of staff with immediate effect, which seems 'ferry' unfair.

Emma Watson used her BAFTA appearance to attack JK Rowling. If I were Rowling then I'd get set to work, writing a new Harry Potter film in which Hermione puts on a ton of weight, starts eating live snails

Fuel prices are still going up. I recently asked the wife if she wanted to go for a fancy dinner, with champagne and caviar and the like. She said she'd be happy just to go on a romantic drive up into the mountains and I pointed out I didn't have that kind of cash and if she'd seen the price of petrol

This is week 4 of the Ukraine crisis though and to be honest I'm running out of things to say about it. This week saw a strange turn of events as the traditionally left wing press started celebrating a group of New-Nazis who have been having success fighting the Russian troops. Clearly a case of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend"

The Russian economy is in freefall and if the invasion is supposed to harken back to the old USSR then certainly that's reflected in the shops with shortages and peopled queuing to buy food. Despite this, Vladimir Putin showed up in a $13k jacket to give a rally to hundreds of thousands of supporters in Moscow. I don't speak Russian so I'm not entirely sure what he said but clearly the crowd loved it, or were being paid to love it. Maybe some old classic jokes like "Knock knock. Who's there? The KGB, we've come to arrest your husband." There's also a cringeworthy video of Putin kicking about online performing 50s hit Blueberry Hill. Anyway, if you want to see him then I guess he's banned from Ticketmaster but he's planning a 2nd gig in Ukraine. Or at least that's what I think he meant when said he was going to bring the house down.

Contrastingly This last week saw the British Prime Minister fly to Saudi Arabia in order to cut a deal for cheap oil and gas. He got nothing out of it, in stark contrast to the public who had to stump up the money to pay for the flight at a time when fuel prices are at an all time high. Although I guess there wasn't any wine so maybe it all cancels out in the wash.
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