2022 Mar 06 - Ukraine

This week:
Australian cricket legend Shane Warne just passed away so perhaps it will be his ashes that the team will be playing for later this summer. Sorry, that's in poor taste, he must be spinning in his grave. "Spinning" (geddit?)
London is still looking for a new head of police after Cressida Dick's forced resignation. London of course has an ever increasing problem with knife crime and the government want a new commissioner to take a stab at it.

And Australian TV show Neighbours is to finally end after 37 years on air. The show's theme tune talks about how "everybody needs good neighbours" and that brings us onto this week's main story which is how Ukraine has a particularly bad set of neighbours, at least to it's north and east, let's hope that Romania has no plans to plant a leylandii bush along its Ukrainian border, blocking out the evening sun. This week saw further escalation of the conflict and for a scary couple of hours there were worries that a nuclear power plant being shelled might turn into something a dozen times worse than Chernobyl. Subsequent investigations have apparently ruled everything be ok, although I was frankly unsure whether it was a good thing or a bad thing that the plant got a "glowing report"

It is still quite remarkable how fast the situation has escalated. A few weeks ago there were "no plans to occupy Ukraine" and how they occupy half the country, it certainly shows that civil servants can do policy change and process paperwork when they really need to. Not in the UK though and Boris, give him some credit, has chosen to turn down the opportunity to get his name in the history books when it comes to this war, although he has been through the wars (metaphorically speaking) of late and he did of course remember to take the opportunity to use the bad news about a potential nuclear meltdown to cover up the shameful nepotism of him giving Gavin Williamson a knighthood. "Sir" ?! Maybe “sir”-iously bad at his job. Elsewhere, France and Germany have also stayed out of the Ukraine conflict, although Lufthansa have stopped flying passenger planes anywhere near the region there making many wonder if perhaps the Luftwaffe will be flying planes to Ukraine on the basis that they still have a lot of unfinished business in the region.

So what next then? Here's one way way to ratchet down the tension I thought of: maybe the Prime Minister could phone up the Kremlin and point out to Putin that he could save 350m per week by pulling out. Actually, you know perhaps not, if it was Boris told him that he'd probably believe it this time around...
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