2023 May 14 - Eurovision & Ukraine

The official portraits were released of the Coronation and seeing King Charles in a purple hat, he really looks more and more like his mother.

Following the coronation, Adjoa Andoh stirred up some controversy by pointing out that balcony had been "terribly white" There was no followup suggesting how to resolve that perceived issue though. Most of the royal's are already married and Prince Andrew remains one of the few remaining single royals. Except he's also in his 60s and the left surely aren't suggesting that he get married to a young African girl in her 20s and start siring children? I mean he'd be up for it but it's hardly a good look

One final word on the coronation must the the mention of the drone display that they put on at Windsor Castle, it certainly upstaged the efforts that Putin and Zelensky have put on. I guess that brings us onto the other story which is Eurovision and how it was supposed to be held in Ukraine but for political reasons was hosed in Liverpool. It's a real shame because according to the news, Ukraine has some huge open air arenas (these days) and because hosting Eurovision in the city the Beatles were from is disgraceful. It's like getting Noel Edmonds to host a show with a gunge tank and then filming it at the British Museum. the RMT union tried their best to protect the general public by holding a rail strike but in all honesty they really needed to get Zelenskyy to do a missile strike. As to the UK, we came second to last, which made me want to briefly check the news to see if we'd invaded Iraq again or something.

Josef Fritzl is writing a book and it's going to be curious to see if more people want to hand over their money to him, rather than read Prince Harry's diatribe. When asked about sales projections, one industry expert said Fritzl's book was going to be best cellar.
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