2022 Oct 09 - Ukraine War Update

King Charles is apparently going to have to wait until next year to get his crown. It says a lot about the state of the country that even the King can't get a dentists appointment
According to the national statistics office, the number of heroin users is ‘shooting up’
Liverpool, the city that the Beatles came from, is going to host the Eurovision song contest next year, which is like letting Paris Hilton live in Albert Einstein's house.

This decision came after the ongoing war in Ukraine where the resistance fighters have managed to hold their own. Russia once had the 2nd most powerful army in the world and now they're reduced to having the 2nd most powerful army in Ukraine. Either way the place is less appealing to the television and media types who would normally be looking forward to a weekend's all expenses paid trip. It's one thing putting a blue and yellow flag on your social media feed but it's another one being reduced to staying at only a 2 star hotel because the Marriott doesnt have electricity.

This week saw Vladimir Putin turn 70 years old and he shares a birthday with Simon Cowell which puts some of those talent shows into perspective. Simon Cowell might make jokes at your expense but he's unlikely to order an assasination where the police declare that 26 gunshots imply a suicide. Vladimir Putin is the sort of who decides to go after left-wing opponents by sabotaging the left-hand wing of a passenger place that they're on.

But the war has taken a few turns in the past few weeks. The main bridge that connects Russia to Crimea was partially destroyed in a bomb attack. The Nord Stream pipeline was also attacked although in many respects this probably does more damage to Germany than anyone else. Many conspiracy theories suspect that the pipeline may have been attacked by the USA or China as part of a scheme to destabalise Europe and create a reliance on energy imports via other means. The Russian army has also been forced to open up new recruitment channels, releasing thousands of convicted crminals from prison and extending the draft to more civilians, who in return have tried to flee the country. The smart people of course would do well to just join the army, that way they get a free trip to the border and they only have to make it the last couple of miles themselves.

Throw in the lack of goods in the shop due to sanctions and it's all rather reminiscent of the soviet era. There's an old joke where a man walks into a shop in Soviet Russia. He asks the clerk, "Do you have any meat?" The clerk replies, "No, here we don't have any fish. The shop that doesn't have any meat is across the street." Actually, the better one would be would be where Stalin is attracted to a girl and grants her any wish she desires. She says she wants him to open up the border and Stalin replies, "of course, so we can have some alone time"
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