2023 Oct 30 - Palestine & Ukraine

Nicola Sturgeon passed her driving test which will come in useful now that she's no longer in power and thus can't employ someone to drive that motorhome. She passed first time although wouldn't say what score she got on it and how many minors they received. Coincidentally the same answer that Prince Andrew's office gave to a question.

A man died after setting himself on fire outside a Liverpool branch of McDonalds. In a tragic twist, the staff could have extinguished him but the McFlurry machine was broken

In Palestine news it was Jeremy Corbyn's turn to spout off about the conflict, saying that the cause will never go away, conveniently forgetting that it absolutely will, for better or worse, if Israeli's use as much force as they're threatening. It's quite strange that Labour are seemingly more certain about their position about joining Hamas than they are the EU. This week saw a bit of a pause in the fighting as some American hostages were released and a number of lorries were allowed in with much needed supplies like food, water, and rockets. I joke but there was actually a story about how Hamas constructed thousands of rockets made from pipes donated by the EU who naively bought the story that they'd be used as part of a sanitation project and absolutely not for making weapons. Let's lighten the mood: Apparently the band Dire Straits are looking for an agent to represent them on a tour of the Middle East. They should check out Qatar George, he knows all the Kurds

There's also still that other war in Ukraine though, which this week saw a strange turn in events after rumour that Vladimir Putin had died of a heart attack and that yet another coup was under way. This was denied and we can presumably assume that it was one of his many body doubles that collapsed. It's quite a strange rabbit hole to go down, if you start looking up videos on Putin's body doubles, there was a similar story about North Korea until the country ran out of enough food to keep multiple Kim Jong Uns topped up. The Ukraine setup is all rather strange though, very few definitive sources of truth about what is actually going on or who's winning, especially when you see the photos of local militias sporting nazi symbology and talk about Ukraine receiving lots of high tech equipment yet seemingly not being able to do much with it. There was a fairly shocking interview this week where it also emerged that the government has been rounding up priests and bishops and throwing them all in jail on the off-chance that they're working for the Kremlin. Wait a minute, blaming Russia for everything? I can kind of see why Hilary Clinton likes that Zelensky guy.
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