2022 Mar 13 - Ukraine Week 3

The actor and convicted liar Jussie Smollet has been sentenced to jail for that fictional attack he made up and reported in 2020 to gain publicity. Perhaps he will file file an appeal against the decision to lock him up in the same cell as his attacker

And Saudi Arabia just executed 81 people in one day. You’d think that would behead-line news.

But talking about oil-rich countries with grisly human rights records, the news is still dominated by the war in Ukraine. This week's events have seen Russian Oligarchs around the world having their assets frozen. It's not often I have much in common with Roman Abromavich but this week for the first time neither of us were able to withdraw a million quid from the bank, and neither of us are in control of a Premiere League football team. There was a strange angle to the sports teams side of things as a number of sponsors are distancing themselves from the clubs which is a fantastic win for the fans, being able to buy a football shirt that for once isn't also emblazoned by logos for other things.

The extension of cancel culture to commercial products and companies is an odd one and it is of course unsurprising to see it applied in farcical and nonsensical ways. The US has seen people trying to ban the sale of Vodka, despite only about 1% of it being imported and this is all after a number of people tried to make Chinese takeaways taboo following the coronavirus. First Chinese food and now vodka, I'm frankly terrified that Italy decides to invade somewhere, although I guess if they did then I might lose 2 stone.

So how is the war going though. All things considered, very badly. There are rumours that Russian reconnaissance drones have turned up in Croatia asking for asylums. Russia has a fantastic rail system and the ability to muster large amounts of equipment but apparently still don't know how to maintain a supply chain of more than about 80 miles and Kiev is about a hundred miles past the Russian border so watching them try to capture it is like watching my kids trying to get the ice cream out of the top of the freezer. This week a Ukrainian man out walking his dog found an abandoned 9K330 SAM missiles system in a nearby wood. He then, for real, updated the Wikipedia page, listing Ukraine as one of the countries who own that system now. Good luck buying missiles for it though, I suspect that's where the arms companies make all the money, and surface to air missiles are probably like a really expensive version of topping up the ink on your printer.
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