2022 May 15 - Ukraine Update

The war in Ukraine took a turn for worst this week with yet another atrocity, this time in the form of Bono showing up for a concert. Locals tried to explain they wanted the intervention of the UN, not U2 and it wouldn’t surprise me if some radio’d in for the Russians to bomb the concert. Also in music related news this week, Saturday saw Ukraine win the Eurovision song contest. Under the rules of the competition that means that next year’s event will possibly be hosted it its new capital city: Moscow.

Except it likely won’t, with Russia now having lost a third of its ground forces and put a performance so shoddy you half expect Geoffrey Boycott to be commentating on it.
The only way I could envisage the Russians making fewer mistakes if if they start showing up for work late. Here’s another one for you Q: What do you call a distracted Russian general in Ukraine? A:Preoccupied

Russia has also lost a huge slice of its senior generals and officers, both due to the war but also likely due to Vladimir Putin having them killed in retaliation for dragging him into the disarray. Six months ago the war looked like the equivalent of Manchester United taking on Accrington Stanley but I don’t know much about football and just looking in on things, United’s just lost 4-0 to Brighton on Saturday so maybe the analogy works.

What has been clear is that Putin is terminally ill, supposedly with leukaemia and will almost certainly be dead by the end of the year. This war was a way for him to immortalise himself forever, winning a glorious war before being cut down in his prime. Fast forward a few months and I doubt he’d be able to capture a branch of Poundland never mind Poland.
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