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2020 Jan 10 - Prince Harry Resigns

Royal news this week as Prince Harry announced that he and his wife are as fed up with the tabloids as the rest of us, and want to resign from royal life although it's unclear at this stage whether he will be changing his name to "formally known as prince" like the singer or similarly swapping his signature to a strange symbol. I imagine that official calligraphers and people involved with heraldry are more concerned about their job than whoever ends up getting the new job in charge of Iran's military. That was another story this week, the US threatening to drag us all into into World War III, maybe Harry just quit because he was worried he was going to get called up for military service again and a war with Iran would probably be the one thing on this planet potentially more dysfunctional than being in the Royal family.

What we do know is that the decision was a private one and he didn't discuss it with the Queen, or his dad, or Prince Charles for that matter. The public are also being left with more unanswered questions then one of my old latin exams. For all the couple claim a desire to be financially independent they're currently costing the best part of a million quid a year in security details alone; we know that Harry has some cash left to him by his mother but that was a long time ago and we all saw the photos of him in Las Vegas, maybe he has plans to start up some kind of trendy financially sustainable version of Charles' Duchy Originals, like a craft ale brewery, or perhaps he could try the same kind of financial scheme that his prince friends in Nigeria use to earn money

For what it's worth I hope that they do make a decent go of it and stop living on taxpayers money. Although I suspect that the whole thing is driven by an attention seeking desire to spend more time spreading Meghan's woke messages on climate change and gender equality. A message on climate change that will be spread by someone advertising that they plan to spent a large amount of their time flying between the UK and Canada whilst running up a carbon footprint larger than the time his grandmother's castle in Windsor burnt down.

One thing before I end is to raise awareness of the somewhat suppressed scandal involving the revelation that that the Canadian mansion in which the couple recently spent several weeks staying at is allegedly owned by a Russian Billionaire who the couple have refused to name. Still, it's better than the billionaires that Harry's uncle Andy was hanging out with.
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2019 Jun 01 - Mexico Trade Tariffs

The US trade war escalated this week as President Trump announced a new 5% trade tariff on Mexico. It's 5% on everything coming over the border and that rate is primed to go up faster than Boris Johnson's upcoming legal bill with analysts saying it could quickly ramp to 10%, 20%, 40% maybe. Very much like when I'm making margaritas.

The US-Mexico tariffs: ostensively it's to do with immigration and paying for a border wall, in reality it's likely got a lot to do with diverting the news from the ......

2019 May 12 - Chinese Tariffs

Sometimes discussions about economics are nuanced and complex, just imagine the difficulty trying of trying to discuss the fishing industry’s net worth or the construction industry’s aggregate demand. Sometimes they say the point of studying PPE (politics philosophy and economics) is that at least when you’re unemployed you’ll be able to discuss in depth the reasons why.

Well the world of economics is back in the news now with President Trump proceeding with a wide range of import tarif ......

2019 Feb 09 - Jeff Bezos Blackmailed

Celebrity gossip news this week as Jeff Bezos accused the publishers of National Enquirer of trying to blackmail him, in a salacious story that really brought home the difference between real world billionaires and those we grew up with such as Bruce Wayne or Scrooge McDuck who to my knowledge was never involved in a extramarital affair although he has been known to express a worrying predilection for gold coins which in the US feature a picture of Native American lady Sacagawea.

Anyway Shortly ......

2018 Oct 13 - Stock Market Losses

There's that old joke about what's black and white and red all over, to which the answer is either a newspaper, or the corporate balance sheet of a newspaper in the digital age. Nonetheless, the leaves are starting to turn red and so were a lot of stock markets this week with the FTSE 100 dropping below 7000 points. Not to be mistaken for dropping 7000 pints, which is what Peter O'Toole and Oliver Reed and used to call a "fun weekend."

Share prices have been going up for the past 10 years and t ......

2018 Aug 25 - Manafort and Cohen Guilty

America has given us baseball, jazz and just as importantly (and depressingly) a culture in which top lawyers are treated like Babe Ruth and Louis Armstrong rolled into one and this past week saw more legal drama than a whole series of Perry Mason as the investigation into the 2016 election cracked up a notch.

Paul Manafort, the president's campaign chairman was found guilty on 8 counts consisting of tax fraud, bank fraud, hiding foreign bank accounts, and now faces 240 years in jail. That's a ......

2018 Feb 11 - Market Crash

The big story of the past week was the stock market which has been dropping faster than pro-democracy candidates in a Russian election.

The FTSE 100 finished the week down nearly 400 points and the Dow Jones put in 2 historic record-breaking falls before recovering to “only” finish the week 1100 points down and if things get much worse, ExxonMobile will have to start laying off congressmen.

Of course, those people who’ve been holding onto their Carillion shares or their Bitcoins probably ......

2017 Dec 02 - Markles & Spencer & Flynn

One of the UK's most popular highstreet stores is Marks & Spencers and if you're a shareholder then you're probably hoping to benefit from the free advertising now offered by the new Royal couple-to-be: Markles and Spencer, also known as Harry and Meghan. I imagine that with those initials, the marketing team at highstreet rival, "H&M" will also be rubbing their hands. The wedding is set for next spring and hopefully won't coincide with the Grand National like when Prince Charles got married. So ......

2017 Mar 10 - Knights Who Say N.I.

Some years budgets can be really exciting with sweeping tax cuts or dramatic gestures but this week it was fairly dull asides from the furore about the tax rise for self employed people.Why self employed people, I asked myself, then I read at article saying that George Osborne is set to earn £650,000 this year and I wondered if Phillip Hammond and Theresa May were setting up an elaborate trap for their predecessors. I’ve not looked at the detail of the budget but I’d be keen to know if ther ......