2023 Oct 08 - News Summary

A huge amount of bloodshed in Israel after an attack by Hamas led to brutal retaliation. Let's see how things unfold over the next week but like many around the world, I'm shaking my head and thinking about the tragic rise in petrol prices we're likely to see if it turns into a broader war in the region

Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac is apparently going to get her own Barbie doll. I'm guessing she must be hard up for cash if she's only just gotten around to being able to afford one.

The government is looking to pass a law that will lead to the eventual ban on cigarette sales. The announcement met largely with apathy, although it will win lots of votes from people who are involved in the UK's tobacco smuggling industry, which is valued at £6bn per year. As someone who regularly flies between the UK and America, remember to drop your preferred brand in the comments and I'll see what I can do.

Here's a classic update of a joke. A Scotsman walks into a bar, alone, because the Englishman, Welshman and Irishman are still at the world cup. A 36-14 loss yesterday, see you in 4 years I guess.

A man was arrested after trying to kidnap and murder TV presenter Holly Willoughby. Authorities have put out a press statement reminding would-be criminals that James Corden is currently in England

And finally the HS2 project was back in the news with presenters trying desperately to not describe it as a train crash. It's almost certain that it will never reach Manchester and the SNP realise the game is up and it's too expensive to expand it to Glasgow. A government spokesperson was heard broadcasting in "Euston we have a problem"
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