2022 May 01 - Elon Must Buys Twitter

MP Neil Parish has been forced to resign after being caught looking at looking at adult websites. Allegedly the clip featured a blonde watching on as a man of Indian descent screwed the taxpayer. Anyway, like I said he’s now stood down, presumably after being stood up the other night, on the internet, whilst the rest of the back-benches make do with smutty remarks about Angela Rayner

Tennis legend Boris Becker was declared bankrupt about 5 years ago but just this last week he was convicted and jailed after it turned out he’d hidden millions away in a secret bank account. Anyway, when he went to the court (legal, not tennis) He was served (geddit?) 2 and half years and when he asked a female lawyer how many months that was she said it’s about 30-love. That’s enough tennis puns…

And of course the war in Ukraine continues. The West has largely stayed out although there’s always that temptation to get involved to distract from domestic issues. In a 100% related note, the Russia has said that the EU and the US are the true aggressors and the Americans have said all that they want is peace and they’ve fight to prevent a war.

I guess the other main story of the week was Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter for $44bn which is crazy because I got it for free on the Apple store. The left have of course gone nuts at the thought of the social media platform not continuing to regulate what people can talk about but the company of course long ago lost the right to police the conversation. People were banned from suggesting that Covid originated in a Chinese laboratory, although that has since turned out to be the accepted origin story. The New York Post was banned for reporting the story about the Hunter Biden laptop, calling it Russian propaganda, although it later turned out to be 100% true, much as the likes of the New York Times has since tried to bury the story. Twitter is not fit for purpose as things stand, even accommodating for free speech being a tricky concept, made moreso by being tied up in context and potential misunderstandings. Here’s a good example, the phrase, “We will rock you” - that’s an inspiring lyric when sung by Freddie Mercury but a terrifying proposition when it’s being handed down by a Saudi Judge as a sentence.
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