2019 Feb 09 - Jeff Bezos Blackmailed

Celebrity gossip news this week as Jeff Bezos accused the publishers of National Enquirer of trying to blackmail him, in a salacious story that really brought home the difference between real world billionaires and those we grew up with such as Bruce Wayne or Scrooge McDuck who to my knowledge was never involved in a extramarital affair although he has been known to express a worrying predilection for gold coins which in the US feature a picture of Native American lady Sacagawea.

Anyway Shortly after Jezz Bezos' divorce was announced last month, the National Enquirer was suspiciously quick to publish intimate details and threatened to publish photographs if Mr Bezoz didn't stop investigating who their source was. Just like a good magician, a newspaper never reveals its secrets, unless of course they're commanded to by a court like that time Piers Morgan discovered he could invent stories in Adobe Photoshop.

With the Bezos story however, there's an undercurrent that beyond the gossip there is a political game being played here. The publishers AMI had demanded that the Amazon owner make a "false public statement" denying any political motivation for the National Enquirer's coverage of him and his mistress. There's the angle that Mr Bezos owns the Washington Post which had published the story about Jamal Khashoggi's murder by the Saudi government and it was around the time that publisher AMI had been linked to Saudi investment. Thinking back to Scrooge McDuck at least when he went to the middle east to make a killing it was by means of a treasure map.

At this point the story is either yesterday's news soon to be forgotten in favour of something about Jennifer Anniston, or it is but the start of a 2 hour long voyage through the YouTube conspiracy theory videos that ultimately leave you scratching your head about 9/11, the origins of ISIS, whether the earth is hollow like the promises made in a manifesto, and whether we can perhaps get back to boring news next week, like Brexit or the upcoming recommencement of the US Government Shutdown.
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