2022 Oct 16 - Kwasi Kwarteng Sacked

Some fossil fuel protesters decided to throw tomato soup onto Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers' at the National Gallery. I can only imagine that they expect the gallery to replace all the oil paintings with watercolours and that in Heinz-sight the gallery regrets letting them in

Robbie Coltrane passed away this week at the age of 72. I’ve not got a joke about that but I hear that Frank Carson does and it’s a cracker.

John Cleese is going to be hosting a program on GB News, focusing on things like cancel culture and the like. As John would presumably be the first to say, “Don’t mention the culture war!”

Prince Andrew is apparently going to be looking after the Queen’s corgis, although that makes sense given he has a lot of experience in grooming. If you’re wanting to rewatch the queen’s funeral btw, the BBC are showing the highlights on Maj of the day.

And all change at Number 10 or should I say number 11 after the Chancellor was sacked in favour of Jeremy Hunt. I knew someone once who was sacked 5 weeks into a job after a bunch of money went missing, Kwasi should just be glad he doesn’t have the police knocking on his door. So with Hunt in the job, I guess it will be a few months of boring nothingness as far as government goes. The BBC seem to think there’s going to be an election but why would the government possibly call one? It’s 50-50 whether there would even be a change of party Leadership, it’s not like there’s a unity candidate waiting in the wings. As for Kwasi though, a lot of it was his own fault, he did himself out of a job really, you don’t need a chancellor if there’s no money left to manage.

And in some personal news, I met Diane Warwick in the street and I asked for an interview but she walked on by.
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