2024 Jan 21 - Port Talbot

King Charles went into hospital with a prostate issue. It was meant to be kept private but there must have been a leak.

There's a story here about how AI is going to be used to prevent 3 busses turning up at once, as compared to the old method where the union prevents any busses from turning up whatsoever. I also saw a story about an electric bus catching fire in London which is probably the only time anyone's seen a London bus with the heating on it winter

Another week and some more Jeffrey Epstein names came out, it seems that Bruce Willis was amongst a list of Hollywood celebrities. Bruce Willis of course has since ben diagnosed with Alzheimers and so cannot recall a thing, how very convenient.

Confusion in Wales after the Port Talbot steelworks announced it was sacking the majority of its workers. I say "confusion" because there seems to be people arguing that the loss of thousands of jobs is good thing because steel manufacturing is "bad for the environment" and the company even put out a press release about how it was trying to save the planet when it decided to print several thousand P45s.

Looking at the BBCs coverage of it there's an infographic about how one ton of steel production produces 2 tons of CO2 although there's scant mention of how much CO2 is produced in the manufacturing of a wind turbine. Or how an electric car's battery involves digging about 250 tonnes of dirt out of the ground. Anyway, there then a hilarious quote on the BBC from an environmental campaigner who is mostly concerned that the UK will have to import steel from other countries and that those countries might not be concerned about net-zero. This of course has always been the point though: the only way any carbon footprints have gone down in Europe is by moving the factories to China or India and then hiring an accountant to sign off on it. The left can go on about wind farms and solar power all they want but global coal production hit a new record high last year and thermal coal exports surpassed 1bn metric tons for the first time in history. I sometimes wonder if Microsoft Windows has a recycling can on the desktop in order to get some kind of federal tax kickback and given the tricks and financial games involved in claiming a win, at this stage I honestly don't know why the energy industry don't just go all the way and try to just claim that coal is green energy because millions of years ago it was plant material and those plants grew using the power of the sun. Actually, I'm going to go phone a lawyer and see if I can patent that idea. Alternatively, I'm going chuck an idea out there for environmentalists, if you want to reduce the world's population, and smoking and drinking and red meat are going to kill everyone, then let's maybe abolish duty on smoking and drinking, that's an environmental policy I could raise a glass to.
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