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2017 Jun 29 - HMS Queen Elizabeth

The opposition benches have been very keen to demand more public spending but it’s not as if Theresa’s not meeting them half way. She’s already pledged an extra £1bn worth of public spending, albeit heading for Northern Ireland as part of the cost of keeping the government in power. At £100m each, The DUP MPs are costing the same as top premier league footballers; ironically the last great premiere league footballer from Northern Ireland was George Best & he’d probably feel very much at home in the house of commons with its subsidised bars. The way I look at it really is that Mrs May spent £1bn to live on Downing Street but in the context of the London property market, that’s nothing too out of the ordinary.

But for a reminder of what proper government spending or waste looks like, let’s take in the glorious sight of the new white elephant Aircraft carrier HMS Elizabeth which we got a look at this week. That was Gordon Brown that signed off on that one, £6bn and rising so far. Plus more if the pound goes down further against the dollar. Plus we’re going to have to buy fighter jets to put on it. Those would be the F35s and those who’ve been following the development of that other money pit will likely have ideas about what the F stands for. In a show of technical prowess it turns out that the boat runs on Windows XP and given how behind schedule it’s all been, I wouldn’t be surprised if the rooms inside were kitted out by Carole Smiley and Handy Andy. Given government incompetence, it frankly wouldn’t surprise me if the hull turned out to be covered in Grenfell Tower cladding. But in the mean time if it doesn’t work or if the F35s never arrive, I suppose we can just park it in the Thames Estuary and ask Boris to advertise it as a small regional airport.
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