2021 Sep 27 - Supply Chain Shortages

Shock as the Canadian Prime Minister was re-elected. It’s Tru(deau)
In America, there was farce after the police arrested someone at the J6 cally for having a bunch of hidden firearms on him, but police admitted that they’d made a mistake and forgotten that he was carrying guns because he was actually an undercover federal officer. Proving once and for all that you can’t make this stuff.
In personal news I’ve started writing a book about the things I should be doing, it’s my ough-to-biography

But the big story this week has been the shortages at the petrol pump as well as other section of the food supply chain, which has been blamed on Brexit, largely because they can’t blame President Trump for things these days so that’s their fallback position for everything, like someone ordering sweet and sour chicken because they can’t be bothered to read the menu, or facts in this case. Does your car need a new clutch? blame Brexit. You can’t remember where you put misplaced your phone? Brexit. Your boiler needs fixed? Blame Brexit. Actually, that last one is actually partially true because it was Theresa May who signed everyone up to eradicate gas heaters by 2050 along with petrol-driven cars and pretty much everything else that’s been invented since the day that James Watt decided he didn’t fancy walking all the way from Stockton to Darlington

There are two problems at hand with regards to today’s shortages. The first of these is a shortage of lorry drivers. That has got nothing to do with Brexit and is a truly global problem right now, Europe is similarly crippled by supply chain issues and in America right now there’s a shortage of school buses which may one day be turned into a tv-movie starring Minnie Driver as a Bus driver. Who would have thought that paying people generous stay-at-home pandemic payments might mean they don’t want to go back to working a low-wage job ever again. What's the difference between a bench and the minimum wage? A bench can support a family. There is no shortage of drivers but there certainly is a global shortage of people willing to go back to working long hours and be paid next to nothing for doing so. Perhaps George Osbourne could help out by adding Lorry Driver to his long list of jobs

The second part of the shortages though is entirely British-made. There is a shortage of industrial CO2 because almost all of it is made at at 2 fertilizer plants that were recently forced to close due to the government’s decision to make natural gas expensive and close industry with zero regards to the knock-on consequences. When I say the government’s decision I mean governments, plural, because everyone for the last 20 years has signed up to close down power stations and move all the factories to China. All so that the carbon emissions happen in someone else’s country and they can claim they’ve met their completely arbitrary target for the UK. If you move an iron foundry from Britain to China global carbon emissions do not go down one iota. I’m left uncertain who is stupider, people queueing up at a petrol station in a Tesla , or the left wing people invited onto the news to claim that a queue of 50 cars outside a BP garage is what Nigel Farage meant hen he promised to put an end to freedom of movement. Life is all about context though, take the expression, “Jesus loves you” - Great to here at a church service, no such a good thing to hear if you’re in a Mexican prison.
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