Hi there. This is the library for all the political cartoons on my YouTube Channel

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Other than that, my name's Calvin and when I'm not doing these, I work with computers, read a lot of military history and play a lot of music; I also post music related cartoons on my other website so you might want to check that out. Maybe you know me from Scotland, Durham or London. I currently live in Philadelphia.

Politically, I'm a libertarian and that should probably comes across pretty quickly. I don't think any politicians are great, nor do I think any of them are evil, just ill-read and mostly insanely naive or self-serving. If you really think that Theresa May is akin to Elizabeth Bathory or that Donald Trump is a modern Hitler then you should visit the library, or speak to people who've actually lived and escaped from degredation, slavery and ethnic genocide in real world places like Venezuela or North Korea.