2021 Aug 08 - EU at the Olympics

In the news:
Campaigners against dementia are arguing that footballs should be sold with a health warning, similar to cigarettes. I reckon if you’re trying to smoke a football then you’re long gone anyway…
Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein “shared several dinners” Couldn’t they afford to buy 2 main courses?

Once more thought it’s been the Olympics in the news with the closing ceremony this weekend and as per usual there is the ludicrous proposal put forward saying that the EU would have won the Olympics if it were a country. This holds about as much weight as me claiming I would have easily won a medal if I were world class athlete. This time the official rolling it out was Guy Verhofstadt who spends most of his time obsessing over how to create a European federal superstate, disolve national parliaments and allow Brussels to have direct control over the French military. He’s a deranged almost ludicrous caricature of a EU politician, the sort of Belgian that belongs in Belgian comic books alongside The Smurfs or possibly Tintin where he could ban Captain Haddock from sailing due to new fishery regulations. Or perhaps an episode of the Smurfs where he encourages Gargamel to get rich not by boiling the Smurfs into gold but by landing crippling economic rules onto Greece.

Anyway, the Olympics tweet is certainly not the first of its type, there are regular demands to ban national sports teams in favour of a European one or force football shirts to incorporate the EU flag. This time around there were official complaints made because the EU politicians weren’t offered free tickets and hospitality in the way that for instance France or Germany were. Presumably because no athlete wants to represent the EU but also due to fears that Jean-Claude Juncker might drink the place dry if he showed up, mistaking the 800m for the 800ml. However, the part that’s never quite pointed out is that the EU would do well only due to the fact that the contributing countries would make up a team of nearly 3000 athletes, rather than the 125 that Belgium had. It would be curious how well an EU team comprising of only 400 people would actually do, especially now that they can’t commandeer British medals in the count. The Olympics has a racing event called “cross-country” and by the sounds of it, it’s Belgium.
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