2021 Jul 04 - Princess Diana Statue

Last week it was Matt Hancock with marital issues and this week Michael Gove announced that he’ and his wife are getting divorced. Not sure if you’ve heard the old one about the dentist and a manicurist that decided to get divorced? They fought tooth and nail. Reminds me also of the friend I have who used to go out with the lady that was the voice of the speaking clock but then they broke up and she won’t give him the time of day now. Anyway, the Michael Gove story that is not terribly surprising to many and I want to be careful here with libel law so I’ll simply suggest that you search online for Michael Gove and Dominic Cummings and let Google go the work.

But anyway, the main story this week seems to be the unveiling of the Princess Diana statue next to Kensington Palace. If you ask me it looks more like a young Mary Berry or possibly Tommy Steele if you remember him from back in the day. Give it some credit, I certainly prefer it to the modern artistic experiments they put on the 4th plinth at Trafalgar square and at least the statue is unlikely to result in anyone injuring themselves like at the memorial pond. When I saw the story I must be honest, I had no idea as to why they they were choosing this year to erect a statue other than perhaps get William and Harry in a room together, but apparently she would have been 60 today. She’s held up as some kind of saintly divine figure by many when up until the day she died she was just another face doing the rounds at the tabloids and OK magazine, like Jennifer Anniston minus the haircut or the acting. If she were alive today she’d almost certainly be her 4th or 5th playboy husband by now, all of them questionable with shady connections to money, and the press would have spent the last 20 years continuing to churn out the same scathing articles that were seemingly forgotten about the day that Elton John sat at a piano. I’m thinking a down-market Elizabeth Taylor but blonde and fewer movie roles. Looking back at the time, the fawning over her death by the London press probably did more to stir up the Scottish nationalist movement than any royal since Edward Longshanks. Let’s lighten the mood somewhat with a joke, Why did Princess Diana cross the road? Because she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt.
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