2021 Mar 21 - Sturgeon Guilty

This week: Kate Middleton paid tributes to murdered woman Sarah Everard, palace officials were keen to stress that the event was not a rehearsal. Elsewhere rumours abound that Elton John is working on a new version of candle in the wind

Also, a bizarre series of photos were published of Shamima Begum wearing western style clothes as her supporters again try to make the case for her returning to Britain when in reality she’s about as welcome as Julian Assange with a USB US memory stick

But the main story this week was from Scotland where with 6 weeks to go until crucial elections a parliamentary committee concluded that Nicola Sturgeon has been telling lies as big as the ones when the Royal Bank of Scotland told investors “what could possibly go wrong”. I have a friend who was recently phones by the local school and told that his son had been telling lies and he responded by saying “Tell him, he's pretty good. I don't have any kids” In contrast, in 6th year I was voted Most Likely to Lie About Past Accomplishments. It’s true... or is it…

The result of the enquiry is not really a surprise to anyone, least not Nicola Sturgeon who says that the verdict was decided weeks beforehand. This is in stark contrast to the Alex Salmond case where the result was also decided weeks beforehand except then Alex had at least paid for a good lawyer to make sure he was acquitted. The Alex Salmon case and the waste of public resources was a damning indictment and really shows why it’s important to have a separate and non-politicised judicial system. It’s also one of only a handful of similar examples though. In Westminster the SNPs chief Whip Patrick Grady was forced to resign and it ultimately turned out that accusations had been swept under the carpet for years. Elsewhere there are a number of growing scandals including a contract for new ferries that I'm guessing must be managed by Francis Ford Coppola in so much as it's £97m over budget and 4 years late; also Prestwick Airport’s dubious dealings with the US military. There’s also another financial scandal where the Lochaber aluminium smelter was given government guarantees over energy prices, before the owners decided to backtrack on building a new smelter and instead use the government backed line of cash to renegotiate its borrowing terms and pocket the money. None of this is anywhere as well reported as it should be, and every one of them should be a resignation matter on their own, and yet for someone who claims to dislike Thatcher, Nicola Sturgeon does seem to claim to want to 'go on and on’ though Margaret Thatcher was forced to resign not long after that quote. For now, Nicola continues to blame Westminster and the English Press for his accomplices mismanagement, taking out court injunctions in courts presided over by Sturgeon supporters and SNP apparatchiks which have about as much jurisdiction in England as they do over Narnia. If Nicola ever does get her way and talk of a hard border with England comes up again, her wall will have a lot more in common with the Berlin Wall than Donald Trumps one, albeit Trump will still only have a golf course to the north of it and Berlin will probably pay for it again, much to the annoyance of most people, though to the surprise of no-one.
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