2021 Mar 14 - Covid + Harry & Meghan

Covid news this week as the bureaucratic farce known as the EU have given up trying to steal vaccines and instead go crawling to Vladimir Putin asking if he has some spare vaccines he can sell them. The Russian-developed Sputnik V vaccine has been shown to be quite effective although I’m guessing that its dispensed by members of the state police jabbing vaccine laced umbrellas into unsuspecting members of the public maybe asking if they want to with them to a small room to be shot, by which they mean a shot of the vaccine. But if Brussels wants to write a cheque to Moscow then Soviet (so be it)

In America the news was the announcement that the family of murdered man George Floyd were going to be awarded a $27m settlement. George Floyd looks set to be earning more than Pink Floyd, showing once again that perhaps crime doesn’t pay, but your grieving relatives might do quite well out of it.

Also this week a story that it seems that we’re not going to be seeing any more of Mr Potato Head and I initially thought that was a story about Piers Morgan being sacked, following his refusal to apologise about comments he made about Harry & Meghan. Not often I agree 100% with Piers but he’s pretty on point with this one and most of what they said in that interview was either sanctimonious garbage or just plain untrue, like the claim that she had her passport taken and was unable to travel, when in truth she traveled a lot during those years and there are countless PR shots to prove it. They claimed that someone was racist but then refused to divulge anything beyond that so without facts or a specific accusation who knows what happened. She mostly just seem to hold a grudge based on her being unable to use the position and its public resources resources to peruse a career as political activist or cash in on the role to get get rich, it’s like she thought that Victoria Beckham and Queen Victoria were the same thing and got confused because she was lazy and didn’t research the job. Admittedly the two of them both seem to be in on the jape, the two of them presumably have a lot in common, like how I don’t care for either of them. Where next though? There’s Netflix shows in the making and if anyone’s a betting man I wager £100 she launches a perfume in the next 2 years. And people are making comparisons to Princess Diana so if she does launch a perfume, maybe she shoud call it Tunnel No 5. You know what, it many respects she maybe has a lot more in common with Prince Phillip, like distain for the British Press, being born overseas and life expectancy.
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