2021 Mar 07 - Cat in the Hat + Harry & Meghan

A bit of news in France this week as Nicolas Sarkozy was found guilty of trying to bribe a judge in 2014. I'm guessing it was an actual judge, but then he's a former politician so maybe it was a judge on the French version of Strictly. Or perhaps the X Factor, he is an "ex" president after all and he's been married 3 times.

The main stories were from America though where the culture wars and cancel culture continue. This time it is the beloved children books The Cat In The Hat that's been branded racist and offensive. I'd have actually though that Dr Seuss' works were exactly what the woke left would want these days, he has that one with the characters Thing 1 and Thing 2 and I thought that those are the names that those idiots want to use nowadays instead of "mum" and "dad" I was quite tempted to just draw the cat this week, along with a Seuss-styled poem like as follows

No I wear not wear that mask
I will not do the thing you ask
I will not wear it on my face
I will not wear it any place
Go back home to your safe space
You really are a sad disgrace

But of course he big story is the Harry and Meghan interview which isn't out yet but it will be by the time this is posted. It doesn't matter though because I've decided to respect Harry and Meghan's request for privacy and not watch the thing. The only way it would be entertaining would be if Oprah went on the offence and asked Harry if his clothes got lost in shipping and if that's why the only thing he seems to wear these days is that grey suit with beige shoes. Maybe crack a joke about if he felt relieved when the chauffeur driven car made it safely to the studio. They presumably have to pay that driver a lot, being their chauffeur is probably up in that top 5 list of dangerous jobs along with Iraqi security contractor and gamekeeper in the Congo. As things stand it will almost certainly have been the pair of them wallowing in deluded self pity and the only way it would be worth it would be if it occasionally cut to the Duke of Edinburgh doing a Gogglebox style series of reaction shots. I continue to find it amusing that Williams wife Kate had topless photographs shown in a French Magazine, and yet she's still considered the classy one. I wouldn't mind if the pair of them wanted to just live out a quiet life of luxury in Santa Monica but I'm not going to be lectured to on climate science and history by someone with 2 middling A-Levels. If the pair of the whining spongers were and music album, they'd be that U2 album Apple downloaded onto everyone's phone a while back. Who's more annoying though, them or Bono. I guess Bono has the edge.
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