2021 Feb 14 - Year of the Ox

Happy Chinese new year, apparently it’s the Year of the Ox, not to be mistaken for the year of the pox, which was last year. One of my favourite stories from China this week was the communist party’s decision to ban the BBC due to its “Unfair, Untruthful Journalism” which kinda makes me wish that Boris took a leaf out of Beijing’s book: if the PM wants to sort out the thing with the French fishermen he could start treating the English Channel the way that they treat the China sea. Obviously don’t copy everything, the genocide thing is a bit out of whack and I’d rather make sure the pets on Blue Peter were never involved in a cookery segment on the show but I would like to see the UK sticking two fingers up to the green agenda and getting petrol back to 70p/litre like it is in Shanghai.

So what does the BBC have for us this week? Stories on the front page include articles like: “What is Slovenian cuisine”, “NASA’s pioneering black women” and an article on “Racial imposter Syndrome” so I’d have thought if it’s the BBC then they might have illustrated with a picture of David Dickenson in orange-face or that time when Doctor Who was an African lady. In all honesty the private sector isn’t much better when it comes to newsworthiness, the Mail’s website have a story about how Ben Affleck went out on a motorbike and Hugh Jackman apparently owns a wooly hat.

There is real news out there but it doesn't fit the narrative about how Britain would struggle without help from overseas and so we end up with a "news page" filled with social justice wokery and a relentless fetishization about Donald Trump. There's his constant ability to not pay taxes, the fact his wife isn’t divorcing him, he never did any of the bad things the BBC said he would, plus he got covid and despite it being 100% deadly he lived to laugh another day. Then we have his acquittal in the senate and his troll-like response that he might well run for office again. It's hilarious really, they really want him to be in jail for something but there’s just no darned evidence. This is what happens when a news organisation hires hires kids from college who have never been told that sometimes you don’t get your own way no matter how much you scream and shout. That only works if you’re Tom cruise and possibly for Brian Blessed if Gordon’s Alive.

Of course in the real world the story being shouted from the rafter should be that Britain has been taking off as a world-leader in both covid vaccination as well as research into the new variants. The EU had to back down on its threat to militarise the Irish border, after it realised that without Britain to co-opt, the EU doesn't actually have any military presence in northern ireland to use for such a thing. Bizarrely they chose to apologise with reference to how people make mistakes and that only the pope is infallible. That's an analogy that would struggle to go down well in Ulster unless it was perhaps in an episode of Father Ted with an inebriated chief Jean-Claude Juncker playing Father Jack. Back to covid though, it seems to be available in many different variations this year. Much like when you buy a car you can get classic base model, or you can opt for the 2021 update features and just like a car some versions of the vaccine include an improved transmission. Except unfortunately that’s a bad thing in the case of a virus. Although in the BBC worldview, big pharma can’t be trusted or relied upon to combat the new variants and we should stop trying, given in and join with the EU in relying on masks and capitulation and an inability to win. With that sort of attitude it’s no wonder the BBC love Wimbledon so much.
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