2020 Nov 29 - Maradona & Iran

There were a couple non-Covid deaths this past week, notable the Argentine footballer Maradona who finally kicked/punched the bucket at the age of 60. In England the passing was celebrated by many, although he was of course deeply mourned in both Argentina and Scotland. I'm guessing that as a mark of respect there was maybe talk about removing all the white lines from the side of the pitch seeing as how Maradonna largely died at 60 because he cut more lines than an Audi driver in a hurry.

Elsewhere the Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh (fra-keeza-day) was gunned down in his car, raising many questions in the media like "how do you pronounce his name" because it's spelled like something Network Rail would hang outside a train station in Wales. Nonetheless the Iranian regime has been pretty quick to blame Israel for a number of reasons [1] President Trump didn't tweet responsibility [2] Mohsen wasn't a Russian disident [3] an Israeli cabinet minister said he had "no clue" whilst presumably smirking behind a facemark, perhaps secretly sticking his tongue out. Or maybe it was on a zoom call and he was holding some very crossed fingers just out of camera shot. It's an odd time we live in I guess, who'd have thought a year ago that within 12 months you could potentially be arrested for walking into a bank and NOT wearing a mask?

What else? Apparently the UK and France have reached an agreement to tackle migrants crossing the English Channel with "special equipment". Presumably boats? Maybe boats armed with a gun or two? Talk about the obvious though, it's like that Jailbreak song by Thin Lizzy where there's a lyrics "Tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak Somewhere in this town" and you think "presumably at the prison?" Oh well, the navy and armed forces are secretive enough at the best of times I imagine; I remember once asking a friend who's an officer what the lowest rank in the army was. He said, "It's Private." I said, "Come on, you can tell me, I've known you 20 years."
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