2019 Dec 08 - UK Election a Few Days Away

It's been a very busy time of year for letterboxes, between the Christmas Cards, the election pamphlets as well as the usual assortment of local takeaway menus. Those places are presumably hoping to cash in on people burning their Christmas dinner and order in pizza, chicken wings and lamb kofta.

Those pamphlets though, there's only a couple more of them to come as it's just the last final couple of days before the election and I imagine for MPs it must feel a bit like being back at school a few days before the big exam. I say exam singular because having seen them going up against the likes of Andrew Neil, or just random members of the public, I'm not sure how many of the current roster of MPs have more than one qualification. Then again, I guess you do have the couple of hundred who got unto university by relying on their father wearing the right tie to the open day and there's those who whose understanding of figures and numbers doesn't go any further than knowing what a treble 17 on a dartboard is in the Sports & Social bar. I guess maths is also useful when you need to calculate how many postal votes you need to run off on the photocopier in order to win a marginal seat in the west midlands.

At this stage people already know who they'll be voting for so really the whole campaigning thing is a charade because everything will come down to a few couple of key constituencies and what the turnout is which will largely be determined by the weather. I don't know who I trust less really, political forecasters or weather forecasters. My take on it is a 22 seat Conservative majority but Boris loses his seat, because polling in his London Uxbridge is a lot tighter than people have been led to believe, especially with Brexit on the table. I'm half toying with putting £20 on Michael Gove being in number 10, pretty sizeable odds for something that's not too outrageous a possibility.

But don't worry fans of elections because the juggernaut that is the US Presidential election is coming down the road with a scale and a cost and a four year regularity that puts Star Wars to shame. But I'm sure we can get round to talking about that in the next, 47 [!] weeks...
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