2019 Dec 01 - London Bridge Attack

Carnage this week in London, at least that's what a lot of Arsenal fans will be saying down the pub, after the sacking of Unai Emery after 18 months of abysmal managerial malaise that made Leanne Wood look like Queen Victoria. David Cameron hasn't made a comment on that story, though it's probably because he can't remember if that's one of the teams he claims to support or not.

But the big story of course this week was of course a different kind of arsenal, the kind that armed police carry on them; this was of course the 2nd London Bridge Attack, in which two members of the public were killed, 3 more injured, the terrorist himself was shot dead and thousands of Southern Rail commuters heading to London Bridge had to suffer delays and inhumane conditions although that was later reported to be unconnected with the attack and a company spokesman said that commuters affected by delays to the service would be compensated with a price hike in the new year.

It's at this point that of course anyone near a television camera started making the usual platitudes and comments about community engagement and suchlike. The public can normally be relied upon to be a bit more blunt in their vox-pops, calling him a complete idiot which is frankly a relief in so much as for a while it looked like he had a suicide vest on and it's obviously far better that he's a complete idiot than one where some pieces of him are missing, floating down river towards the Thames Estuary.

As I said though, it will be interesting to see how the leaders make the issue about themselves over the last 2 weeks of the campaign. Boris will make nods to promised security funding, the Lib Dems will blame the islamic attack on the white working class, the SNP will complain that the Media's relentless focus on London is purposefully designed to draw attention away from Scotland and Jeremy Corbyn will likely spend the rest of the campaign refusing to confirm or deny whether he would lay a wreath at the site on the bridge where the peaceful terrorist ultimately lost his life.
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