2019 Jan 05 - Happy New Year

Happy new year, it's 2019. I imagine that if you asked Diane Abbott what 17 plus 1 is she'd reply, 20(or)019. This is also (finally) the year that science fiction film Blade Runner is set in so while we count down to Elon Musk selling us tickets to the off-world colonies, let's maybe take a look at what the next few months have in store down here on earth,

First to America where a new house of representatives have just taken their seats and promised to pass all sorts of crazy laws for the senate to of course veto and vote down a few days later. I was going to make an analogy about the Democrats having a shiny new car but no petrol to put in it, except you could still use a broken car to store stuff inside, this is really more like one of those fake bookshelves you see in a pub. The US government will be like Michael Schummacher's race car in so much as it is not going to be doing or passing anything for a very long time. President Trump has even said as much, pledging to keep the current budget showdown and government shutdown going for months and even years if necessary, probably because the 2020 electioneering is going to kick into gear soon and he'll be busy on the campaign trail because elections in the US last longer than a Rolling Stones farewell tour.

In the UK, we are 80s or so days until Brexit happens. Thereafter Theresa May can finally leave, the Conservatives can break into civil war over the succession and the Labour Party can be relied on to stand to the side, arguing about anti-semitism instead or whether anyone finally figured out what the 'single market' was. The singe market, wasn't that the thing that Lembit Opik used to talk about? I guess the antisemitism thing will be a recurring story later in the year so I won't dwell on it and I'm not saying they're naive but I can imagine Corbyn and Ken Livingstone trying to recognise Jewish Labour MPs by emulating school teachers and handing out congratulatory gold stars, just like primary school teachers in 1930s Germany, before of course blaming a combination of the BBC and Paul Dacre, who I thought actually stood down as editor of the Daily Mail last year

Where will it all end up and where will we be next year? Well I don't know do I, I've not got 2020-vision, geddit?
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