2018 Dec 20 - Calvins Swiss Adventure

I'm going to be away on holiday the next 2 weeks in the far north of Scotland so there won't be any new uploads until the new year. However, because I'm a generous individual, I've produced a Christmas present for you all in the form of a point and click adventure game which you can all play for free by clicking on the "Game" tab above

It really is free, not those "free" government services where they force you to pay hundreds of pounds at the end of every month. In "Calvin's Swiss Adventure" you can travel to a conferences, make deals, start wars and if you want extra realism then feel free to pour a couple too many glasses of wine while you play along. This is all just a little gift from me to you. Thanks for following, do email me with any bugs or glitches you come across and have a very merry Christmas.
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