2018 Nov 03 - US Midterm Election

It's a very exciting couple of days coming up in America. Asides from a National Sandwich Day and National Donut Day fast approaching it's also a massive mid-term election on Tuesday. I looked on Google and apparently Sunday 4th is actually "National Common Sense Day" but rest assured, that will all be forgotten when people on both the right and the left go to the polls to vote in a 2 party system where a brutal combination of districting, voter suppression and an electoral system about as honest as Piers Morgan mean that, in the end, everything will most likely be decided upon the votes of just a handful of people. Which if it sounds familiar is because it is. In the UK it's the same method as how Arlene Foster decides (on a day-to-day basis) whether Theresa May can remain in power or not.

My favourite expression in politics is "The tyranny of the status quo" and for all the talk of blue waves and millennial voters, I really don't think anything major is going to happen. Elections are always decided by swing voters, so really this mid-term comes down to the question of whether anyone's changed what's left of their mind since 2016. If, for instance, you're a Democrat voter, you should reflect back on whether you've used charm and persuasion to convince some Trump voters to switch sides this time around. I imagine that entrenched voters are as likely to switch sides as I am to order a vegetarian roast when I visit a pub. Do not be mistaken, this election will completely be decided by who gets closest to 100% of their core voters to turn out to vote.

The thing is that outside the voter bases, a lot of people really don't really care about the Mexican border or transgender rights in schools, although they do care about potholes and whether their schools have working air conditioning. America might now have an official 3rd party but it does have "don't know don't care" and it's a lot bigger than people - on both sides - are willing to admit. There's probably a lesson for other countries in there too.
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