2018 Jul 21 - Trump and Putin

This week started off with a press conference between President Trump and Vladimir Putin in which Mr Trump fully exonerated the Russian president before saying that he in fact meant to say the opposite. Just like when Theresa May claimed that Brexit meant Brexit.

Since then, there's been talk about Vladimir Putin visiting the US, ideas thrown around about exchanging people for "questioning" and right now Sylvester Stallone is finishing up the 8th instalment in the Rocky franchise so maybe he'll make another film where he takes on the Russians again, either in a boxing ring, or like that one in Afghanistan with the mujahideen. There was a lot of horses in that one and Vladimir does like him some horses, I wonder if Sarah Jessica Parker is free?

Curiously, Mr Putin offered up the 12 Russian intelligence agents (who were recently indicted) in exchange for human rights activist Bill Browder who they wish to question. No doubt questions like "does this rag cloth smell like chloroform to you?" Or perhaps it'll be like that time that John Wilkes Booth asked President Lincoln to be quiet during the show.

Bill Browder for those out the know is a human rights advocate who was responsible for the Magnitsky act which froze Russian assets in the US. His lawyer and accountant was killed by the Kremlin for exposing a $230m tax fraud involving Russian officials and his chances of getting a fair trial are slimmer than the malnourished prisoners he'd be living with, were he to end up going overseas.

In the mean time though, all the Trump focus has since moved on, to a story about secret payments to an former Playboy model. The president did also just make some comments about taxing half a trillion dollars worth of Chinese imports, sounds pretty serious, but nowhere near as salacious so, nowadays at least, who cares.
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