2018 Mar 17 - Rex Tillerson's Gone

It had been a while since President Trump fired anyone and that's supposed to be his catchphrase after all so this week he decided to get rid of Rex "Texan Exec" Tillerson. The whole thing has been widely described as "unprecedented" in so much has the former oil executive managed to stay in the role for over a year before being shown the door but the two never got on. That seemed a shame really as with Rex's petrochemical background and Trump's famously shoddy regard for building contractors, the pair could easily have literally gotten on like a house on fire.

I always imagined that Rex saw the whole job as a networking opportunity until oil giant Saudi Aramco finally organised it's New York share listing and offered him a job there but that's all supposedly been delayed until 2019 now so he decided to stop with the niceties. I say "niceties" - he allegedly called the president a "F*****g moron" during a discussion last summer about whether the US should instigate a nuclear war or not. We've all been there I suppose, you're in a brainstorming meeting at work where there's 'no bad ideas' and then someone suggests doubling ICBM capacity and all of a sudden HR gets involved and someone's asked to leave.

Anyway, for now at least it'll likely all blow over when HR McMaster leaves, as is rumored to be happening in the next week or two. I should maybe have added a spoiler alert there but maybe some of the viewers have already read the book anyway and actually no, that's Game of Thrones I'm thinking of there sorry. For now though, Trump has appointed CIA Director Mike Pompeo to the secretary of state job and so the game continues. I'm sure Vladimir Putin will be quaking in his boots, boots that many suspect contain a concealed knife like in that James Bond film.

Finally, talking of people departing there was a bit of unfortunate science news this week as Stephen Hawking passed away. I'd like to imagine that when asked, Jeremy Corbyn would have responded by paying tributes to "The Greatest Mind of our time" before adding "and Diane Abbott will be a great Home Secretary" before admitting to having not read the news that morning.
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