2018 Feb 24 - Jeremy Corbyn the Spy?

This week I thought we'd talk about the Jeremy Corbyn spy story. Yes I know that the US school shooting thing is possibly a bigger news story but I try to keep these things funny and the gun control debate is about as light hearted as a poem by Wilfred Owen.

So to quote the security services "let's talk about Jeremy Corbyn." Was he a spy? Or did he think that novel "The Spy Who Came In From The Cold" was something about winter fuel costs and an excuse to re-nationalise the gas industry?

The basic story is that Corbyn allegedly met with a Czech spy called Jan Dymic 3 times in the late 1980s, including twice in the House of Commons. At that rate the Czech spy probably had a better attendance record than some of the lazier MPs. Amidst a lack of supporting evidence, Corbyn also points out that one of these supposed meetings, in October 1987, occurred when he couldn't possibly have been in the House of Commons because he was up in Chesterfield meeting with British socialists. Best kind of socialists they say, the home grown artisanal British socialists, none of that foreign muck. I jest of course, Corbyn is of course an internationalist.

There were apparently other meetings in 1986 and I'm frankly surprised he would be able to find the time to be an paid Soviet informant, there was his arch-nemesis Thatcher to attack and it was the year his mother died and he was also arrested that year along with 15 other demonstrators while protesting against the trial of a group of IRA members including Patrick Magee who was of course the Brighton Bomber. It was also the year that Timothy Dalton started filming The Living Daylights which features a pre-title sequence set on the Rock of Gibraltar and Corbyn and his friends have of course expressed questionable views on the Gibraltar sovereignty issue in the past.

The thing is, and this may come as a shock to some, but James Bond isn't real, he's a fictional construct along with the Labour position on Brexit and to an extent the Conservative Party's position on Brexit. Until someone shows some proper evidence to settle the issue, it's frankly just background noise and in all honesty if you're a facebook journalist or website editor it would probably be much more productive keeping the public aware of all the other things that Jeremy has actually been on the record doing. #JustSaying
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