2018 Jan 27 - Davos

It was the Davos summit this week. That means the great and good of the world... stayed at home and watched the scumbags of the world turn up in Switzerland to talk to one another. There were the usual elected officials like Theresa May President Trump, or Emmanuel Macron. There were also lots of unelected folk there too like Jean-Claude Juncker and George Soros not to mention John McDonnell who stayed at a hotel so expensive that he made Emily Thornberry look like a Cava Socialist.

At the conference itself, there were lots of dubiously, ominously titled discussions like "Shaping the agile governance of technology" which should really have been retitled "Let's clamp down on free speech" On the plus side, all that doublespeak probably gave Phillip Hammond lots of ideas for how to express his ever-ambiguous position on Brexit. I've seen a shooting gallery at a funfair that was more straight than he is.

President Trump of course was there, he decided to use the summit to push his message of "America First" which refers to both his economic strategy as well as the answer to the question "Where did Tony Blair go to reduce his tax bill"

Anyway, to sum up, millions of dollars were spent, thousands of tons worth of carbon was spewed out (if that's the sort of thing that bothers you) and I guess that Europe must now be running dangerously low on canap├ęs, but not much has changed apart from the waistline of a few corporate executives and the bottom line of some local wine merchants. I'm sure a good time was had by all, although a quick search on Google Images will very quickly tell you that the best place to be partying at this year was still probably had by Ed Balls dancing at Mar-a-Lago. Seriously, go look that up. That's a man who until 3 years ago had serious ambitions to be in charge of Britain's nuclear arsenal.
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