2017 Oct 27 - Catalonia & JFK

Another week and it’s pretty much still the same shouting match from Spain. The central government in Madrid has said that it’s going to take back direct control over Catalonia, while the seperatists have declared that they’re going to prepare an imminent motion for independence. But nobody’s actually done anything, it’s like a nightclub bar at 9 o’clock and everyone’s waiting for someone else to go onto the dance floor first. I guess Nicola Sturgeon and Leanne Wood would be the girls standing round a handbag, knocking back Sambucas before eventually being thrown out for attacking Theresa May with a stilleto shoe, possibly in response to changes to the benefit system, possibly because she was looking at them funny, or possibly just because it’s 2 o’clock in the morning and they don’t like the English. Back to Spain though, they love football, so in the absence of any proper developments maybe a better analogy for both sides in the conflict is: “take a shot at goal or pass the ball”

Also in the news this week though has been the release of 2800 previously classified files on the Kennedy assassination. And around 30,000 files will remain secret because presumably it’s an open and shut case and the CIA don’t want have to waste anyone’s time. I could waffle on about the various conspiracy theories but frankly I’d rather outsource that to the part of the internet that isn’t x-rated videos or Instagram pictures of cats. It has been 54 years since the “lone gunman assassination” or “deep state coup” - depending on where you stand on the issue - and 54 years is almost the same amount of time, as there is YouTube content about the events of Dealey Plaza back in 1963. Lest to say I’d trust a promise from Nick Clegg from before I believe the the contents of the Warren Commission but for now let’s all agree to disagree until we actually get to see what it is that the CIA are so desperate to never let us read.
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