2017 Sep 15 - New £10, New iPhone, Grenfell & North Korea


Rather than focus on one main news story, this week we saw the launch of 4 new things so I thought we’d go through each of them one at a time:

Starting with #1, the Bank of England started handing out the new £10 note. Some journalists and campaigners were keen to point out that it’s first note produced in a while with a lady on it, while more observant commentators took the time to flip it over and look at the other side of the note where the Queen’s been sitting for the past 6 decades. But let’s just for once celebrate the sight of banknotes being rolled out in the city, rather than rolled up, into little tubes on a Friday night

Moving on, if you’re lucky enough to have hundreds of those new notes on you, you can get yourself the new iPhone. I was hoping they’d finally roll out changing the name of the phone’s charger to the “Apple Juice” but they basically brought out one the same thing as before but it’s got a better camera, a bigger screen and a price high point high enough that it puts the US debt ceiling debate into perspective.

Less glamorously we also go the launch of the Grenfell Tower enquiry. The iPhone costs hundreds of times more than a ten pound note and this public enquiry will no doubt cost tens of thousands of times more than the expensive iPhone. There’s been a lot of angry debate about what the scope of the enquiry should be, should it be limited to health and safety, public housing generally, the potential prosecution of ministers etc. In a unique twist of events though, it’s the first enquiry in a while where nobody’d been angrily demanding that the scope should be broadened to consider whether Tony Blair should be prosecuted for war crimes, so a first time for everything I guess…

Finally, as we’re talking about launches, you can’t mention the word “launch” without the words “North” and “Korea” not long behind it. There’s been a lot of differing opinions from various sections of the press about what’s going to happen with Kim Jong-Un and WW3. Never a newspaper to shy away from conspiracies, the Daily Express went with an article about how biblical prophecy and the dimensions of the Pyramids at Giza have calculated that the rapture is scheduled for the 23rd this month, so presumably if you want to visit the US or Northern Asia you might want to get a cheap flight in the next few days before it goes up in flames like the comment section on a Guardian article about Brexit.
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