2017 Sep 07 - Hurricanes and Jeremy Corbyn

Not content with the damage it’s already done to the ExxonMobil share price, the Caribbean has another three storms moving in; the latest one (Hurricane Irma) has pretty much wiped out Barbuda and Hurricanes Jose and Katia are forming out at sea. I suppose hurricanes come in 3 or 4s like busses, although if I was a cyclist I’d frankly rather take my chances with hurricane Irma than take on a Bendy Bus.

The names of these storms by the way are preassigned and go up alphabetically, earlier in July we already had a tropical storm called Don which most people didn’t hear about, what with the fact that there’s another Don hogging the headlines in Washington. If we get as far as ‘V’ then we’re apparently scheduled to get Hurricane Vince which I thought was what the LibDem leader calls himself down the snooker hall when me meets up with Nick Clegg for a drink.

Unfortunately for the Labour Party though, there’s not Hurricane Theresa or Hurricane Jacob Reese-Mogg so Jeremy Corbyn will have to rely on rhetoric, policy debate, persuasion and rational arguments to attack the government. Unfortunately for the Labour Party members, Jeremy instead decided to spend the weekend thinking about whether or not to go vegan. I always think “show me a bloke who’s a vegan and I’ll show a bloke wanting to sleep with a vegan” but maybe I’m overly cynical and Puy Lentils are indeed what it takes to give him some inspiration about a Brexit strategy. Perhaps he’ll try acupuncture next and get the idea for a needle exchange to help heroin addicts
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