2017 Aug 24 - GCSE Results

In the UK, Parliament it still on recess and across the pond, it’s been nearly a week since Donald Trump sacked anyone. Indeed, the main story for quite a few days was the furore about silencing Big Ben for a few years so they can repair some of the stonework. It was getting pretty tense until the clock finally struck 11 o’clock and the pubs opened so journalists and MPs alike had someone else to go

Luckily enough for the news starved newspapers, exams results came out this week. One great thing with school results is that if they’ve gone down you can fill copy by criticising teaching standards but if they go up then you can spend days complaining about exams becoming easier. But the best thing, for newspapers (and websites alike) is that they can fill acres of space with photographs of people opening their results. Teenage girls opening up their results, ethnic minority students celebrating, lots of attractive young women hugging each other, attractive ethnic minority girls leaping in their air, possibly cuddling each other. All sorts of photos just as long as they’re vaguely suggestive and there aren’t any boys or unattractive people in shot.

Of course, in the real world the only result that’ll count for much soon is your credit score, what with University costing more than one of Charles Kennedy’s old bar tabs. And in the real world successful GCSE results don’t necessarily transfer to success in life. I can’t find anywhere saying what the Prime Minister got when she was at school but Jeremy Corbyn got 2 A-Levels, both Es, but Ed Miliband got 4 A-Levels and see how that worked out for him in the real world.

Anyway, see you next with news of whatever madness has gone on in Washington while I was away.
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