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2020 Mar 20 - Coronavirus Update

Another week and another ratcheting up in seriousness for the Coronavirus. For me personally I was affected when my car engine light came on despite it just being serviced but it turned out that it was just the car owner virus

What's been going on around the world then? In the UK London is being put on lockdown with the Queen making a dash for Windsor Castle before the curfew came into affect. Alas most people are not able to relocate from their 1 bedroom flat to a massive mansion in the countryside. The Islington metro set are probably also getting puzzled about why only men and woman are being reported amongst the dead, the news never quotes any numbers for the other 300 genders. There's also a lot of talk about airports how to detect new cases, to which I would suggest they're all on that conveyor belt going around and around. Come on so-called experts, it's obvious!

In Italy there are a morbidly large set of numbers being reported with the government suggesting that they'll have to bring in incinerators to dispose of the bodies. That's an industrial sector that Germany has historically dabbled in although they try to not mention it. Perhaps they're more interested in the French response to the virus after the government there said it was at war with the contagion and the best way to fight that war is by staying at home. Which as we all know didn't work out very well in 1939.

In the US it depends what part of the country you live in, New York is starting to resemble that Kurt Russel film, Philadelphia is starting to like it did back in the movie 12 Monkeys and the west coast is a worry too because in this world of social chains and contact, we know that if Kevin Bacon tests positive then EVERYONE has it. The president also came under fire for suggesting that it's not racist to call it the Chinese virus, although I guess it depends if you call it that whilst putting fingers up to the corners of your eyes.

As for me, I'm working from home and the only thing I can see damaging my health is a diet consisting largely of pasta and tinned food. Earlier today There was no milk in the local shop so I ended up getting some evaporated milk, then when I got it home I discovered it was just an empty jar.
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