2024 May 12 - Columbia Protests

It's only a month to go until the King Charles banknotes enter circulation and a lot of people are getting excited. Personally I don't get the excitement, most 50 pound notes have had traces of charlie on them for years

There was also the case of the dine and dash couple who attended the first day of their court case. It's a pretty open and shut case, although they might get off on the technicality that, going by how fat they are, they couldn't credibly "dash" anywhere

And it was Eurovision this week. Maybe were surprised that the Israeli entry wasn't a cover of the 1969 hit Boom-Bang-A-Bang. I saw someone online saying that that they'd rather have a Palestinian entry in the competition, so I pointed out that it wasn't a great idea, given Hammas' recent track record when it came to music festivals.

The focus of the conflict there recently moved to US universities where the last week or two have seen a number of angry student protests in the news. One of the more high profile examples was at Columbia, where students decided to occupy part of the campus, vandalising it and demanding an immediate end to the war, which is quite strange given that the university hasn't fired a single shot in the conflict, nor is it involved with US arms exports. You may as well protest the war by refusing to eat toast unless it's cut into triangles. It is of course worth noting that as usual, this is a story that was blown somewhat out of proportion by the media, the anarchy depicted on 24h news is actually about 2300 students, out of 15m college kids and about half of them turned out to not even be students. Perhaps it's a DEI thing though, and the angry people with too much time on their hands self-identify as students, as well as gender, and of course it all makes about as much sense as if identified as a bus. At least the last of those would make partial sense, I could use that empty lane when I drive to work without worrying about getting a fine in the mail. On the other hand, these protests are quite humorous in places, there's compilations of graffiti where they've mis-spelled the word 'Palestine' and are demanding that the college provide "humanitarian aid" because they're a bit hungry. I actually saw an alleged hunger strike in New York where 3 students hadn't eaten anything for 6 hours and were already demanding medical oversight, trauma councilling and threatening to sue. I could make a comparison to the Indian or Irish hunger strikes and the genuine struggle those people went through but it's quite depressing and I'm getting on a bit here so let's end with a joke. What's the difference between Alice in Wonderland and Bobby Sands. Alice got out the Maze.
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