2024 Apr 21 - Meghan's Jam

Meghan Markle launched a new hustle and this time it's a range of jams. The idea presumably arose after they lost the Spotify deal and their accountant said they were in a financial jam, or possibly when they were stuck in a traffic jam trying to gt the airport in LA. Anything, I've not tried any myself, nor have I tried the one that King Charles sells because i think paying a tenner for strawberry jam you could make yourself is utterly bonkers, but the advertisers assure us that it's that's meant for everyday normal middle class people, just like her, after they get home from the private polo or before they fly out to Tuscany on a private jet. At least with Harry's book you could pick it up in the charity bin and use it prop a door open with, although I guess if it ends up on the clearance aisle, you could use it to trap wasps.

In New York they chose the jurors for Donald Trump's show trial. It makes you wonder if the city was importing in the tens of thousand of illegal aliens, simply to try to assemble a jury of 12 people who didn't vote last time or have any preconceived ideas going into the trial. We've been given a few details such as Juror 8 lives on the upper east side, is retired, and watches CNBC. Apparently juror 5 is a teacher who gets her news from google and tiktok. Given the state of affairs I'm not sure whether an teacher choosing to trust tiktok over other sources is a good thing or a bad thing, although my money is on the thing being a mistrial or a hung jury, and thus being a $50m waste of money that will achieve nothing other than possibly guaranteeing him a win in November's election. In the mean time a man set himself on fire outside the court house as part of a bizarre protest. It's not the first time that someone got badly burned when Trump came to town, but normally it's a building contractor or something.
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