2024 Apr 07 - News Summary

Greta Thunberg was arrested once more this week, it seems she's back to campaigning for environmental causes, rather than trying to link migration and welfare to her 'save the world' policies. To her credit though, I guess that it would do a lot to shut down the global oil industry if she encouraged the governments of Scandinavia to drain all the millions of skilled workers away from the oil fields.

I've never been quite sure what they're intended to wear when they get to sunny Oslo or Stockholm. I mean fur clothing is out, but then even fake furs and polymer clothing is bad for people, one time when I had on a winter coat I had to tell a green activist that "The dinosaurs killed to make the oil were all killed very humanely: by that huge massive meteorite" There's probably also a joke in there about Stockholm Syndrome but I'll save that for another day although I did see a story about a muslim cleric in the news this week, apparently proclaiming that women should be banned from watching or attending men's football. Although given the state of a couple of teams like Everton or Chelsea, sometimes those extremists have a bit of a point.

Elsewhere the Ukraine diplomacy story has taken a farcical turn, after the West asked them to stop attacking Russian fuel depots and oil refineries, and to presumably focus on killing people. This is all due to it being an election year and Russia remaining one of the largest oil exporters in the world, despite everyone lying about sanctions on oil imports. There's a fairly similar story out of the Middle East where Joe Biden really wants a ceasefire, not so that people stop being killed, but again simply so that oil prices will go down and thus lower the price of a tank of petrol in time for election day. Or at least that's what his advisers want. I can hardly see the president tracking oil futures, although I can see him maybe passing a law to ban fracking because he thought it was a curse word.
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