2024 Mar 24 - Kate has Cancer

After the last few weeks making disparaging fun of Kate Middleton the media this week had to make a u-turn so large it could be seen from space and change their tune faster than an ipod shuffle, after the Princess of Wales revealed that she had cancer. Not something you'd wish on anyone really and of course all thoughts are with the Children, which is why Prince Andrew isn't invited this easter.

If the worst should happen, and the Princess of Wales passes away then I believe the constitutional process is to invite Elton John to rerelease a song, and in this case I'd recommend his 1976 hit "Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word" although I suspect that it will have competition in the charts from Meghan Markle singing "I'm still Standing" and in a press release The Duke and Duchess of Sussex wish it to be known that they fully support their name to be mentioned over as many times as possible in the press during the harrowing weeks and months ahead.

I will say it's remarkable how easy it is to get instant NHS care if you know the right people, good luck getting an oncologist that quickly if you're you or I. Just like how the NHS is supposedly short of cash, yet it has money spare to pay for a hospital in Gaza. There were developments in that Middle East story this week when ISIS bombed a music venue, oh wait no, it hit target in Moscow. That's quite odd really, they seem to be unable to attack Israel which is right there, yet managed to travel thousands of miles to attack a country that's largely supported the muslim side in the last half century of conflicts. Almost as if it was actually someone else with a grievance against Russia who wanted to disavow responsibility and just blame the ISIS boogeyman...

Wales decided to join Scotland by appointing an ethnic minority as its first minister, although to be fair Wales must be given credit for being the first home nation to put someone mentally incompetent in charge of the place. A friend of mine decided to ask me what the leaders of England, Scotland and Wales all have in common so I decided to quash his racist answer by answering simply that "none of them were elected by the public." Meanwhile in Canada, Justin Trudeau has just introduced legislation to delay the election that will kick him out. I once went to a Buffet restaurant in the north west of Canada, it was all Yukon eat
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