2024 Mar 17 - Where's Kate?

It seems like it's time to discuss the royal family again. It's been about 2 weeks since I did what I hoped would be a one off but we're still none the wiser as to what is going on behind closed doors, at least unless you go on X/Twitter where the line between news and fan-fiction has become shorter than list of Rishi Sunak's accomplishments.

The royals did try to calm the waters by putting out a photograph of Kate and the children, but then most news agencies spotted that it had extensive and sloppy Photoshop work done on it, so thus raising more questions than answers. In all honesty, it could have been far worse, when people saw the headline about the kids being touched up by a senior royal most of us were wonderring where Prince Andrew was.

It really is worth restating that she's likely at home recovering from painful surgery that leaves her unable to move very easily, and I'll be the first to admit that I've never once sent a Christmas card photo of the kids that didn't involve half an hour or editing. Between the photoshop and the temper tantrums, there is very little difference between a 4 year old and a Hollywood star. But as I said the internet is willing to provide all sorts of possible alternative scenarios. Most of these involve Rose Hanburry who the non-UK media openly discuss as being a William's mistress, because he's the Prince of Wales and it all worked out so well for his father. Other theories involve murder and money and I will say that if it turns out that Kate is buried at the end of the garden then at least they didn't have to ruin a perfectly good Mercedes this time around. It's also interesting to note that the people seemingly most interested in the gossip are those who normally claim to have no interest whatsoever in the national soap opera. I have a friend from Liverpool who's very anti-monarchy and regular talks about how he refuses to sing the national anthem because it's pledging allegiance to a bunch of self-important entitled people we all have to pay money for. And yet he also explains that whilst wearing a £100 football shirt, after spending even more money to go along to Anfield every other weekend and spend 2 hours singing songs to celebrate a bunch of diva prima donnas, some of whom are also of german descent.

There's also the Russian election and the government is saying that there's evidence of electoral interference, as evidenced by Putin receiving less than 95% of the vote in some regions.

Shigeichi Negishi, the Inventor of Karaoke, died at the age of 100. I'd like to think that his last words were a rendition of a Frank Sinatra song, possibly "I did it my way" and I'll also assume that at the time he was with his sister Cally Oke, brother Barry Oke and children Larry and Vari Oke.
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