2024 Feb 24 - Shamima Begum & New York

There's a story about a a second world war explosive in Plymouth and the police statement says "Corden set to remain around unexploded WW2 bomb" Like many, I'm hoping they mean James Corden and the world can finally be rid of him

There's a report out about divorce and apparently the average age of a lesbian marriage was 5.1 years. It just goes to show that even women find it hard to put up with being married to women.

Talking about women who are difficult to live with, Shamima Begum was in the news after she lost her latest appeal to regain her Citizenship and it's sort of her own faulty, wasting money on lawyers and due process rather than popping into the Calais branch of Halfords and picking up a dingy and a foot pump. The BBC of course take a sympathetic view of her case, and presumably would rather than she moved to from Syria to a Premier Inn just off the M2 until she's had time to audition to be a host on Match of the Day

Honestly, at this point I don't see why she's even bothering, she should just get a flight over to the states and show up in New York where Eric Adams continues to turn satire in reality. In the last week or so he gave a speech pleading for federal help and begging illegal migrants to stop turning the city into a shanty town, whilst literally the next day agreeing to hand out $53m of pre-paid debit cards to anyone who wants one, as long as they're not a taxpayer. There's no background checks and the whole thing is about as fraudulent as you'd expect to the extend - I'm genuinely surprised that defence contractors haven't somehow gotten themselves a piece of the action.

Cynics would say that it doesn't matter to the City's left wing politicians there because as soon as these newcomers also get given a right to vote then Joe Biden and his friends will gain millions of loyal voters and turn the country into a one party left wing kleptocracy, although they also seem to have wildly miscalculated how their existing voter base will react, and how many people might actually be quite happy to vote for someone else, despite the rhetoric. Almost all of the financial demands made during the Black Lives Matters protests were turned down as being unworkable and unaffordable, yet then they've seemingly been proposed and in many cases implemented for other people, and literally all along racial lines. There will be no reparations or free houses or universal basic income for former African slaves, but apparently if you show up from modern day Africa you get indefinite right to remain at the Ritz Carlton along with food and money and benefits that are in many cases greater than what the city pays its own workers.

There's a video online of where thousands of African-Americans learn that their rec center will be closed down in order to house hundreds of illegal migrants and a community organiser is shown yelling into a megaphone that they never voted for this. Although on the other hand I can't help but look back to the election 4 years ago and the talk about the wall and deportation laws and thing that, "yeah, you kinda did vote, exactly for this - it was literally the main campaign pledge from Donald Trump" Of course back then it was different, how were they supposed to realise that there might be consequences for their actions.
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