2024 Feb 10 - King Charles & Biden

King Charles was diagnosed with Cancer this week. The doctor told him it was the big C and the king looked very despondent before asking whether he'll also be brining that big C of a wife of his. Yes, Harry made a stop back to the UK in order to visit his father, before presumably also going to visit King Charles. Anyway, the royal household hasn't given any details as to what type of cancer it is although it was discovered during a fairly routine prostate operation and so that's one option, bowel cancer is another one being speculated. It's quite remarkable that thanks to Prince Andrew, a cancerous bowel still wouldn't qualify as the worst arsehole.

In other medical news Joe Biden was in the news after a report came out, saying he was not to blame for all the classified information he illegally kept in his garage. More specifically the report concluded that he should not be prosecuted for mishandling the material as, if it went to trial, jurors would see the full extent of his mental decline and conclude he was simply a "well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memoryā€¯" That is a fairly shocking and blunt outcome to come to, and the president decided to follow it up with a hastily arranged press conference to tell everyone how innocent he was and how he's still sharp as a tack, but in the midst of it all managed to confuse Egypt with Mexico which is something you'd expect to happen if you were buying a suspiciously cheap package holiday.

This confusion all came just a few days after he discussed his recent conversations with Helmut Kohl and Francois Mitterrand, people who have actually been dead for 7 and 28 years respectively. The report also mentions various other angles on the situation such as how Biden forgets being vice president and was unaware that his son was dead. This would all be bad enough if the plan was to just let him run the clock down before stepping down in November, except he still is president and has made it abundantly clear to everyone that he's running for re-election. He's used the party apparatus to prevent anyone else from running against him. He recently talked about how Trump is the current president but that he's going to depose him in November so it's obvious he believes it's 2019 still, and at this stage the GOP are going to just let him keep digging his own political grave rather than actively forcing him from office in favour of someone who might win the election. As Napoleon said, never interrupt your opponent when they're making a mistake.

As to our older politicians, Gordon Brown was asked relatively recently about David Cameron's return to the cabinet, and he was asked about similarly making a return to frontline politics. He replied back that he's too old to be a British politician, but to young to be an American one. I guess even a stopped clock is correct twice per day.
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