2024 Jan 13 - Post Office Scandal

A batch of More Jeffrey Epstein names was released and it included Magician David Copperfield, which maybe explains how someone got in and out of his jail cell undetected

North Korea has stated that Kim Jong Un is now 40 although I'm not sure if that means years, or stone.

An electric bus caught fire in London, it's probably the only time a London bus has had the heating on during winter.

Sven-Goran Eriksson has announced that he's got cancer and only a few months to live. I'm not sure sure if the doctor announced it by telling him he'd reached the knockout stage, but I'm imagining that Michael Owen, Wayne Rooney and the rest of that squad of players will be asked to lower the casket at the funeral, so they can let him down one more time.

There was a story in the tabloids about the last moments of the Queen's life were painless, which I guess would have been a welcomed relax from the previous 9 decades of toil and brutal hard labour.

Probably the largest story though was the developments in the Post Office computer scandal, after the government announced new laws to quickly exonerate and compensate victims. More than 900 postmasters were wrongly prosecuted between 1999 and 2015 after being falsely accused of stealing huge sums of money, with only 93 convictions so far being overturned. Innocent people went to jail, people were declared bankrupt, marriages were destroyed and several of these people committed suicide. It's worth noting that all 3 major parties were equally deeply involved in this. Labour purchased and introduced the bad software, the Conservatives and LibDems both oversaw the failings and coverup. In fact one of the more shocking aspects of it is that for all the incompetence, deceit and nefarious things going on, the SNP were't also involved and Mark Drakeford was miles away at the time. Ed Davey, the leader of the LibDems was the post office minister at the time most of this was going on and there's truly astonishing interview from a few days ago where he repeatedly weasels out of saying the word "sorry" in a manner that's reminiscent of the old Michael Howard interview, it's genuinely worth looking up if you've not seen it. He's also refused to resign as party leader, which is surprising given that demanding peoples' resignation is all the LibDems really do these days. Also of interest is the fact that it turns out the legal firm the post office hired was paying Davey £5k per month. Not so much the gravy train as the Davey train. Compare and contrast to Paula Vennells who was the Post Office CEO for 7 years and has since announced that she's returning her CBE, though hopefully she's not posting it back to the king. Anyway, as I said the government is putting forward some new post office legislation, although the government might want to be careful this time: when they passed the Stamp Act back in 1765 things went very badly wrong.
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