2023 Dec 10 - News Summary

There was an article out about how the obesity crisis is now costing the UK £98bn. I'm not sure if that's just the cost of the groceries, have you seen the price of chocolate lately? Personally I like to follow the government's advice of always buying food that's locally sourced. By which I mean I source my microwave meals from the corner-shop.

The home office has put out an immigration themed advent calendar, many of the doors arrive wide open and it's seemingly impossible for anyone to close them.

Prince William was in the news, selling copies of the Big Issue. I'm guessing it's to raise awareness about homelessness, although they might also just be trialing the idea for Harry if he tries to come back to live in the UK. The BBC also had an article "Prince William Shocks mum on a charity walk" - I thought his mum was dead

I was the anniversary of Pearl Harbour, when the Japanese attacked the United States back in WW2. Although I have a Japanese neighbour and the way she drives, I'm wonderring if those planes crashing were all just an accident.

The poet Benjamin Zepheniah passed away so here's a ditty I scribbled.
Benjamin Zepheniah was a poet
He was ill and did not know it
The BBC was sad to show it
They were his biggest defender
Now they need a new contender
to write about left wing stuff in all its splendour
£100 says that a One Show presenter
invites on 3 candidates who are all minorities and transgender

Better than the wokery he used to put out on Melvin Bragg's show anyway.
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