2023 Nov 11 - News Summary

Earlier in the week I saw some protestors in London burning Israeli flags. Which was a pity given how much work the enslaved Chinese children put into manufacturing them. Oh wait, sorry, we're not supposed to criticise that particular human rights abuse, because there's money involved. There was also a protest in Scotland but the people there were too frugal to want to set fire to the newly acquired flags. I'm Scottish so I'm allowed to make that joke, like the one about how copper wire was invented when two canny Scots found a penny on the ground.

Talking about wars, it's Remembrance Sunday this weekend, I'm recording this on Saturday so I've not clue if it got interrupted by the Palestinian lot or the just stop oil brigade although it would be nice if the environmentalists sabotaged the cars of the Hamas supporters as they tried to drive into the capital. I'm also still waiting to see what the Just Stop Oil protestors response is to the carbon footprint of that war, you'd imagine they'd be all over it, an Israeli Merkava tank has a 1400 litres fuel tank and does just under 5mpg

Also in the news, Prince Harry spent more of his time hanging around with his lawyers, discussing how to go about suing more newspapers now that the supply of Netflix money has started to run dry. This time the grievance is about the Daily Mail bugging him. Although what goes around comes around, Prince Harry's been bugging people for years and don't get me started on that wife of his.

And talking about criminal activity, ITV have a crime drama out about the Yorkshire Ripper. I was watching it this week and there were some truly shocking scenes in it, like when you see cheap the cost of petrol was back then or what you could buy for a fiver. My local grocery store recently put a defibrillator up on the wall near the checkout, and I'm not surprised. If they put the cost of a dozen eggs up again they're going to need a second
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