2023 Oct 23 - Israel & Hamas (week 2)

Slight delay this week, was waiting for that cut on my hand to heal up a bit, but I was also waiting on the BBC to respond to the news so in turn they were waiting on Hamas to hand them their latest press release. In the end they mostly seemed to focus on that massive storm Babette, although it's nowhere near as devastating as the Hamas'ive storm brewing in southern Israel.

Angela Rayner made a comment about Israel didn't exist a hundred years ago, although most of us are more concerned about whether anything will exist in a hundreds days from now. So in response, President Biden arrived in the middle east in search of some answers to questions. Questions like "Where am I" "Who am I" and "Is President Obama here yet?" Amazing really, only a few years ago the left was calling Donald Trump an anti-semite yet now the same people are out on the streets calling for a 2nd holocaust.

One curious development this week was the discussion about whether a destroyed hospital had been blown up by Israel as an act of war, by Hamas wanting to then turn around and blame Israel to justify reprisals, or maybe it was by them but as a mistake. I did find it strange that on one hand you had the Israeli government saying that they had no advance warnings that Hamas would breach the border defences and kill 1300 people, yet this week they also said they knew categorically that Hamas bombed the hospital with a followup press release along the lines of "if you don't believe us, here's a recording of them talking about it"

Let's see where things go in the next week, maybe things will get better. I remember seeing a sign in a gymn once that read "Nothing is impossible" - although it presumably wasn't put up by someone who'd try to cancel their membership and stop the direct debits.

What else happened this week? Greta Thunberg was struggling to stay in the news now that her choice of environmental protesting seems a little bit old-fashioned compared to the angry crowds in London demanding WW3. She tried to get back in the limelight by having herself arrested again but barely made the headlines although given her stance on electricity she probably wants to ban limelights anyway.

A lighter story: there's new academic paper our concluding that those who skip breakfast are more predisposed to eat fattier unhealthy food later in the day. To basically they discovered that if you don't eat for a while, you'll start to feel really hungry. That's about useful as the study I came across saying that if you're feeling cold, you should go stand in the corner where it's 90 degrees.

And finally, Michael Caine has said that he's going to retire from acting. Not a lot of people know that.
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