2023 Oct 14 - Israel & Hamas

Ok so let's talk about Israel and Gaza. The war is about a week old now, sort of like that lettuce at the back of my fridge, and the news media is talking a lot about how Gaza will soon be without medicine and fuel and food. Sounds to me like he shouldn't have squandered all his football earnings. No, of course this is the Gaza Strip which now looks worse than an English town centre on a Friday night at 2am

The actual reasons behind the conflict are often portrayed as highly complex and difficult to understand but they're really not. This is less like Oceans 11 and more like Jaws 11. I also take issue with people pushing a moral equivalence, that both sides are equally bad and just as much to blame for the current situation. The Palestinians have lived there a long time but the Jews have also lived in that are since the days of Rameses II so it's just as much their land too. Plus if you look at the outcomes each side is after then they couldn't be more different. If Hamas stopped fighting, there's be peace whereas if the Israelis disarmed then within a week there would be a genocide that made Rwanda look like Disney Land.

Saying both sides are the same conjures memories of when President Trump said there were "very fine people on both sides" on that race riot although to his credit, the Middle East was a much safe place to be on his watch, Saudi Arabia even went so far as to recognise Israel as a state for the first time in 70 years. Except here we are now, thousands dead and apparently nobody in the region has any internet, so presumably Virgin Media got the contract to install it, a nice win for British Business #DespiteBrexit

The main thing I always think IS very important to do is differentiate between the Palestinians, and Hamas, which does seek a one-state solution albeit one where they are the one state and Israel has been wiped off the face of the earth in a show of fire and brimstone. As such it's interesting to note that for many years, Jerusalem actively bolstered it and fed it some support, in order to purposefully prevent a peaceful resolution or two state approach. On the other side of the coin it's not like the arabs are living it up: no Christmas, not television, no football, no beer, no hotdogs or bacon sarnies, no womens' rights or freedom of speech, not to mention being woken up every morning at 6am by some bloke wailing from the top of a tower. You can see why they're angry.

Which therefore brings us to the question of why people with those freedoms living it up at Harvard or London's Zone 1 are so uppity about it, if they're as well read as they claim to be on the situation. Personally, I think a lot of it just a social jolly, now that Ukraine has become a bit passé to talk about. Although I do find it amusing to see the people protesting about Israelis illegally taking over land, when they themselves showed up on a rubber dinghies from France a few weeks ago
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